After the wedding, all the footage is immediately backed up to multiple drives. Editing only begins once final balance is paid in full. Our studio edits using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and handles all work in-house. Custom music copyright is from Songfreedom. Exact delivery date is specified in the contract but typically falls 5-6 weeks after the wedding.  Format of delivery depends on your specific package options. All of our wedding packages are delivered online in HD via Vimeo.  This high-end platform allows for you to easily view, share and download your videos. In order for us to know if our studio would be a good fit for you and your wedding, we need to know a little bit about you. Please send us an email introducing yourself and why we might be interested in shooting your wedding. Next we will set up a time to talk on the phone, over FaceTime or in person.  Thank you!



$ 1,200
Stream a Camera Live Online
– Perhaps you have family or friends that cannot make it out to your wedding day. TruFocus can stream your entire ceremony live on YouTube so everyone gets to watch. *New video option

$ 2,500
Same Day Edit (SDE)
– Perhaps you have family or friends that cannot make it out to your ceremony, but can make it to the reception. TruFocus can share your entire day in a highlight video so everyone gets to watch. Great way to get a "Wow" from your guests. *New video option (Shown on a projector at the reception)

$ 200
Additional Camera
– If you would like us to bring more Ultra HD cameras than listed in the package, we can do so. The maximum number of cameras is 8.

$ 800
"Coming Soon" Trailer
– (1-2 Minutes) A great way to get everyone excited for the big wedding day, share online with family and friends. 

$ 1,200
Engagement or Proposal Film
– (3-4 Minutes)
Includes: Pre-wedding Interview and the proposal, usually filmed 6-12 months prior to wedding date. 

$ 250
Specialized DVD Case
– A personalized DVD case created by our designer to fit the feel of your wedding day. If you want to get the feel of a Hollywood film get the look you want by getting your own designed case.

$ 250
Unedited – Raw Footage
– This is all the footage from the entire day. This raw footage is everything we shot on your wedding day so that you can see every second we shot. The Raw Footage is given to you on a USB drive.

$ 150
Upgrade to Blu-ray
– Includes 3 copies of Blu-Ray discs. Embedded photo from your day printed on the cover.

$ 25
Additional DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs
– We understand that you may want to get extra copies of the wedding to give out to more family members or even have as back-ups.